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Who Decides What…and other Touchy Caregiving Topics

November 4th-10th is Conflict Resolution Week in British Columbia. Mediate BC and Family Caregivers of BC decided it would be an excellent time to bring you this webinar that will touch on a variety of caregiving topics. Mediate BC is committed to providing people with practical, accessible, and affordable choices to prevent, manage and resolve disputes. Mediators on its roster mediate a variety of family-related matters, including financial support and property matters connected to responsibility for care of elderly parents, family inheritance and estates and intra-family conflicts. This webinar will cover balancing older adult autonomy with safety, legal frameworks for resolving issues, when it might be wise to seek outside help, techniques for dealing with different opinions and how to have productive conversations. Joan Braun will be our guest presenter for this webinar. Joan volunteered to do this webinar for Mediate BC and we are very fortunate to have someone with her depth of experience.

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  1. Joan Braun is a lawyer, mediator and consultant. After spending ten years in the social work field in counselling and program development, she returned to school to obtain a law degree. After being called to the bar, she worked as legal counsel in the areas of employment and immigration as a manager in the non-profit sector. From 2007-2011, she was the Executive Director and supervising lawyer for the BC Centre for Elder Advocacy and Support. She currently works as a mediator in private practice, including work with Mediate BC. In her mediation practice she offers services for a broad range of civil and family issues. As a social worker and a lawyer, she applies knowledge from both professions to her work with families and older adults. Joan likes to find solutions and options that are win-win. “I like to empower people - to teach them skills or to teach them about the law and how they can use it”.

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